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I do not intend to share my name since this will be a very personal blog and i find comfort in the anonymity. I'll just let you know that I'm a girl, italian (so I ask to all the grammar nazi out there to please help me with my syntax and spelling) and less then firty years old.

Cassandra D’Este Character study

Since yesterday i presented you with Cassie, now it’s time for Joey to shine. Unfortunately the choice for man clothes in the program was a lot more limited then what I expected. I wanted to use this post to also … Continue reading

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Cassandra D’Este character study

The following images are the basic idea (“basic” since the program I’m using is very limited) on which I’m starting for the character of Cassandra. Obviously this drawings are just a mere idea of the image I have in mind … Continue reading

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I’m very sorry for my tardiness with the second chapter of Cassandra D’Este, I had various reason for it (uni, parents, etc.) but still, i should have concentrated on it more, especially since I’m the first person who is ready … Continue reading

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Cassandra D’Este (II° chapter).

The black figure of Joey passed through the door of her apartment with the grace of a bear. Not that Joey had a bear appearance, he wasn’t big or anything. It just seemed like every move he made was somehow … Continue reading

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green 1

this is part of a personal project of mine: finding spots in the city where Mother Nature is somehow having the better hand. Please join in and send or link or whatever the places you find!

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everyday anyday

something familiar, an experience of everyday that sometime can be capture in a moment of stillness and peace. I wish I could stop that train from having to leave so I can enjoy this moment of easiness for a little … Continue reading

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I’m starting to get blue again, after few weeks where I seemed in control of my feelings, I keep being pushed back down by my inability to realize reality is something different than the fiction and dramas i watch. I … Continue reading

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