Clean Bandit

I’ve just started to listen to this group (maybe you’re already familiar with them but consider that I’m Italian and music is always late to arrive here).

They are amazing, their videos are very enjoyable, maybe sometimes a bit too “artistic” but combined with their songs it seems to be under the effects of some kind of drug (in a positive way). I used to think that electro music was boring and always the same. I was completely wrong, the way in which they mix the electro beat and classic instruments and lyrics just melt together into something I had never heard before (maybe I’ve limited sources but i still think it’s beautiful!)


About crocotears

I do not intend to share my name since this will be a very personal blog and i find comfort in the anonymity. I'll just let you know that I'm a girl, italian (so I ask to all the grammar nazi out there to please help me with my syntax and spelling) and less then firty years old.
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